The Complete Guide to Kings Roof Top Tents

For campers and overlanders seeking the ultimate in quick, convenient camp set up, roof top tents (RTTs) are an excellent option. Allowing you to sleep atop your vehicle off the ground, RTTs provide comfort and security without the hassle of pitching a regular tent. South Africa-based Kings Manufacturing produces premium roof top tents built to handle off-road adventures. This guide provides a detailed overview of Kings RTTs to help you select the perfect model.

Introducing Kings RTTs

Kings specializes exclusively in roof top tents, using innovative designs and high-quality materials to create secure, durable habitation for your vehicle. Their tents open to the sides to maximize interior space. Heavy-duty ripstop canvas and waterproof anti-condensation mats shield campers from the elements. Kings uses global standards for canvas density, water repellency, UV degradation and tear strength to engineer performance tents.

Several lines are available. The Original Series provides all-around value while the Premium Series offers fully-loaded tents for maximum functionality. Sizes range from compact 2-person to spacious family options. Kings RTTs can mount to nearly any roof rack.

Key Benefits of Kings RTTs

Kings RTTs provide a wide range of advantages over regular ground tents:

  • Fast, simple setup – unpack rather than assemble on the ground
  • Height keeps you off wet or rough terrain
  • Sleep protected from insects, snakes and small critters
  • Stay warmer by getting off the ground
  • Added security being elevated with access ladder
  • Storage space within the tent for gear
  • Independent suspension gives a flatter, more stable sleep surface

With conveniences like LED lighting, mattresses and sky views, RTTs make camping more comfortable.

Critical Features to Evaluate

When comparing Kings RTT models, be sure to evaluate these key features:

  • Tent capacity – 1-4 person options available
  • Packed size – Consider vehicle roof length and MPG impact
  • Peak height – Important for ease of changing clothes inside
  • Door type – Side openings allow easier entry access
  • Ventilation – Mesh windows and doors circulate fresh air
  • Suspension – Enhances stability and tent fabric lifespan
  • Mattress – Foam or spring options affect comfort
  • Optional add-ons – Ladders, LEDs, annex room for storage

Carefully factor in your vehicle, typical group size, and budget to make the right Kings RTT choice.

Helpful Tips for Using Kings RTTs

Once purchased, follow these tips to get the most out of your Kings roof top tent:

  • Familiarize yourself with set up/breakdown before your trip
  • Weatherproof the fabric by re-treatment annually
  • Mount the RTT front to back to reduce wind resistance
  • Adjust ladder straps so rungs don’t hit the roof when closed
  • Park on level ground and use corner stabilizers for maximum stability
  • Use provided straps to hold doors open if desired
  • Get a mattress topper for added comfort and insulation
  • Store gear bags and bedding inside when not in use
  • Watch your head when sitting up – peak height is limited

Proper use and care keeps your Kings RTT ready for any basecamp location.

Why Choose Kings Roof Top Tents

With their dedication to well-constructed, feature-packed designs optimized for off-roading, Kings Manufacturing delivers an exceptional roof top tent option. Their range offers sizes and features to suit every RTT camper. Plus Kings RTTs can mount to nearly any roof type. If quick, convenient tenting for your adventures appeals to you, definitely give Kings Manufacturing a closer look!

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