The Complete Guide to Argos Tents for Camping

For campers based in the UK and Ireland, Argos provides an easily accessible and affordable option when shopping for a new tent. As one of the leading retailers in the region, Argos offers a wide selection of tents suited for different types of camping trips and needs. This detailed guide will cover everything you need to know about browsing, evaluating, and purchasing an Argos tent for your next adventure.

Overview of Argos Tents

Argos tents encompass a variety of sizes, capacities, and designs targeted at casual campers, festival-goers, and family groups. Options range from basic 1-2 person tents to larger 6-8 person tents equipped with vestibules and ample interior space. Most Argos tents utilize reliable polyester materials with taped seams and waterproof coatings to withstand wet weather. They also incorporate fiberglass or steel poles to create free-standing tent structures once assembled.

In terms of brands, Argos tents include their own CleverClogs line along with big names like Outwell, Eurohike, and Gelert. This provides access to both Argos’ entry-level models as well as premium tent options at reasonable price points. In-store aisles are arranged by tent capacity and type.

Key Features to Evaluate

When browsing Argos’ assortment of tents, there are several aspects to assess closely:

  • Tent capacity – Consider current needs and possible future growth. Look at real sleeping dimensions.
  • Doors and windows – Look for adequate ventilation and exits. Vestibules protect openings from weather.
  • Height – Check interior height at tent center and edges. Height permits easier standing and changing.
  • Weather protection – Floors, fly sheets, and seams should have durable waterproof coatings and tape.
  • Frame type – Preferred fiberglass or steel poles are lighter but sacrifice some stability.
  • Weight – Important if you’ll be trekking far distances to pitch tent.
  • Assembly – Tents should fully assemble within 15-30 minutes maximum.
  • Pack size – Backpacking tents need compact packs while car campers have more flexibility.

Assess each tent’s design, conveniences, and quality of construction during in-store inspection.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing

Beyond the tent itself, evaluate several other factors:

  • Intended use – Basecamp, backpacking, festival or casual camping all have different requirements.
  • Weather expected – Rainy climates may warrant more durable and weatherproof 4 season tents.
  • Transportation – Larger tents require more space if traveling by car and appropriate carrying capacity if backpacking.
  • Frequency of use – Occasional users can opt for basic tents while frequent campers need extra durability.
  • Time of year – 3 season tents suit spring through autumn while 4 season tents add ventilation options.
  • Budget – Set spending limits based on your needs, use frequency, and group size. Argos has tents from £20-£400.
  • Reviews – Read ratings and reviews for feedback on real customer experiences.

Keeping these practical considerations in mind while tent shopping ensures you make the best choice.

Set Up and Care of Your New Tent

Once purchased, proper use will keep your Argos tent in peak condition:

  • Trial set up – Fully assemble once at home to ensure all parts are present and become familiar with the process.
  • Seal seams – Use a silicone-based sealant on floor and fly sheet seams for added weatherproofing.
  • Optimal pitch – Pitch tent on flat, level ground with no rocks or sticks underneath. Angle tent to avoid wind and water pooling on fly sheet.
  • Regular cleaning – Use a mild soap and sponge to clean off dirt. Air dry completely.
  • Proper storage – Allow to dry fully before collapsing. Store loosely in a clean, dry space away from excess heat or cold.

With the right set-up, use, and care, an Argos tent can serve your camping needs season after season.

Argos offers an excellent solution for campers seeking good quality, hassle-free tents at reasonable prices. By evaluating key features, sizing needs, intended use, and real customer perspectives, you can feel confident your Argos tent purchase will create lasting camping memories for years to come.

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