A Complete Guide to Buying Argos Sleeping Bags for Camping

Finding the right sleeping bag is essential for staying warm and well-rested while camping and caravanning. For campers in the UK and Ireland, Argos offers an extensive range of sleeping bags tailored to different weather conditions, user sizes, and preferences. This detailed guide will cover everything you need to know about browsing, comparing, and ultimately choosing an Argos sleeping bag for your needs.

Overview of the Argos Sleeping Bag Selection

Argos sleeping bags encompass a variety of styles, fills, shapes, and temperature ratings. Their offering includes:

  • Mummy, rectangular, and hybrid shaped bags
  • Down, synthetic, and down-synthetic fill material options
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4 season temperature ratings
  • Single, double, and family-sized sleeping bags
  • Kids and adult sizes from toddler to extra large
  • Lightweight backpacking and more heavy-duty car camping models

Top brands carried include Outwell, Vango, and their own CleverClogs range. In-store displays conveniently group options by type, making it easy to compare models side-by-side.

Key Factors to Compare

When evaluating Argos sleeping bags, four key factors really impact your comfort and their suitability for different trips:

Temperature Ratings

A bag’s temperature rating indicates the lowest temperature it is designed to keep the average sleeper warm. Ratings are tested in controlled laboratory settings. Look for:

  • 1 Season: +15°C and higher
  • 2 Season: +5°C to -5°C
  • 3 Season: -5°C to -15°C
  • 4 Season: -15°C and lower

Fill Material

The two main types of insulation fill are:

  • Down – More lightweight, compressible and warmer but loses insulation if wet
  • Synthetic – Heavier and bulkier but maintains warmth when wet


The shape impacts roominess and heat efficiency:

  • Mummy – Tapered shape retains heat best suited for colder weather
  • Rectangular – Roomy design allows more freedom of movement


Mummy bags list dimensions for height and width while rectangular list overall length. Choose based on your height and preferences.

Carefully considering these aspects will ensure you select the optimal seasonal rating, fill, shape, and size for your needs.

Extra Features to Look For

In addition to the main factors above, look for sleeping bags with useful extra features:

  • Draft tubes and collars to prevent heat loss
  • Zip baffles to block air flow through the zipper
  • Hoods that cinch tightly around your head
  • Interior pockets for storing small items
  • Different zipper sides for zipping two bags together
  • Stash pocket for storing bag when not unrolled
  • Lightweight, tear-resistant outer shell material
  • Roll control straps for easier packing

Determining the Right Sleeping Bag

To find your ideal Argos sleeping bag, consider:

  • Average seasonal temperatures where you camp to identify needed temperature ratings
  • The level of warmth you need (warm sleeper vs. cold sleeper)
  • Weather conditions – rain, humidity influence insulation choice
  • Bag size for comfortable fit based on your height and build
  • Features like anti-draft that boost comfort
  • Packed size for easy transportation and storage
  • Budget – entry-level, all-rounder or premium grades based on frequency of use
  • Care – machine washable models make cleaning simpler

Taking the time to properly evaluate your needs against product options ensures you get a sleeping bag that truly fits the bill for all your camping adventures.

Caring for Your Argos Sleeping Bag

Follow these tips to keep your new sleeping bag performing at its best:

  • Allow sufficient time to fully dry bag after use before packing
  • Use a large capacity washer on gentle cycle to clean occasionally
  • Store loosely packed in breathable bag in clean, dry space
  • For down, use Down Wash and low heat tumble dry with tennis balls
  • Spot clean stains gently with minimal soap and water
  • Avoid compressing for long periods to maximize loft

With proper care and use, an Argos sleeping bag can deliver cozy comfort to campers for years on end. Don’t compromise on a good night’s sleep – let this guide help you pick out the perfect Argos sleeping bag today!

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