Wild Camping in Switzerland 2024 :Enjoy the Thrills and Beauty

With its breathtaking Alpine scenery, tranquil lakes, dense forests and picture-perfect villages, Switzerland is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. One adventurous way to experience the country’s magnificent natural landscapes is by wild camping. This unique Swiss activity allows you to pitch your tent wherever you please for a night, getting closer to nature and wonderful views.

The Allure of Wild Camping in Switzerland

Switzerland’s widespread networks of hiking trails, mountain huts and public transportation make it an ideal place for wild camping adventures. Benefits include:

  • Immersing yourself in stunning Swiss scenery away from crowds
  • Having flexibility and freedom in choosing remote campsites
  • Waking up to idyllic mountain, lake and forest views
  • Embracing the simplicity and minimalism of carrying everything on your back
  • Building wilderness skills and embracing the outdoor challenge
  • Creating lifelong memories under the stars in the Swiss outdoors

With respect for rules and the environment, wild camping allows you to access Switzerland’s most spectacular spots.

Rules and Etiquette for Wild Camping

While wild camping is allowed in Switzerland, there are guidelines to follow:

  • Camp only one night in any location, moving on daily.
  • Obtain permission if camping on private land.
  • Avoid camping close to houses, buildings or busy roads.
  • Leave no trace – pack out all trash and debris.
  • Build fires only where permitted, using existing fire rings if possible.
  • Avoid loud noises or other behaviors that might disturb residents, farm animals or wildlife.
  • Do not camp above the tree line unless in designated high alpine bivouac zones.
  • Follow all instructions from local authorities.

Being a responsible wild camper helps preserve Switzerland’s natural splendor.

Best Places to Wild Camp in Switzerland

Switzerland offers boundless spots for memorable wild camping experiences. Top destinations include:

Bernese Oberland

Base yourself in Interlaken to access magnificent mountain vistas and turquoise lakes while camping in the Oberland. Highlights are Lakes Brienz and Thun, Lauterbrunnen Valley and mountain pastures near Grindelwald.

Swiss National Park

Switzerland’s only national park contains diverse Alpine terrain perfect for wild camping. Set up your tent surrounded by glaciers, forests and high alpine meadows.


Mild weather and the picturesque Lake Maggiore make Ticino ideal for wild camping. Pitch your tent along the lake or in chestnut groves and vineyards of Mendrisiotto.


The steep slopes of Valais offer stunning views while camping near mountain villages and glacial lakes. Prime spots include the Aletsch region and areas surrounding the Matterhorn.

Jura Mountains

Lush green hills and limestone cliffs shape the landscapes of the Jura Mountains. Wild camp near waterfalls and enjoy views of Lac de Joux.

Lake Geneva Region

Lake Geneva’s shores and the surrounding countryside dotted with vineyards are wonderful for wild camping. Hike along the lake between villages or into vineyards.

With breathtaking scenery everywhere, Switzerland has endless options for your next wild camping adventure.

Wild Camping Gear Essentials

Wild camping requires being prepared with the right gear to spend a night outdoors:

  • Tent – A lightweight backpacking tent provides compact shelter.
  • Sleeping bag – Choose an appropriate temperature rating and fill type based on season and elevation.
  • Sleeping pad – Pad provides cushioning and insulates you from the ground. Inflatable pads minimize weight.
  • Backpack – Carry all your gear comfortably in a pack sized appropriately for your trip length.
  • Food – Pack lightweight, high energy foods that will last without refrigeration.
  • Stove – A compact canister or alcohol stove allows you to cook meals.
  • Fire starter – Be prepared to light fires where permitted with matches, lighters and fire starters.
  • Flashlight/headlamp – Illuminate your tent and campsite after sunset.
  • Navigation – Bring detailed maps and a compass or GPS device.
  • First aid kit – A small kit can treat minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

With the 10 essentials covered, you can trek safely into the Swiss wilderness and set up camp wherever inspiration strikes.

Wild Camping Etiquette and Tips

To ensure your wild camping trip goes smoothly while respecting the environment, follow these tips:

  • Pack out all trash to keep campsites pristine.
  • Avoid cutting down tree branches or clearing vegetation.
  • Set up tents on durable surfaces like rock, sand, gravel or grassy meadows.
  • Urinate at least 50 meters from water sources like lakes and streams.
  • Be bear aware and store food properly if camping in bear country.
  • Check the forecast and prepare for rapidly changing mountain weather.
  • Avoid noisy behavior that disturbs wildlife or other visitors.
  • If camping on farmland, ask permission from the farmer if possible.
  • Follow all campfire rules and extinguish completely before leaving.
  • Research campgrounds along your route in case you need or want alternate accommodation.

By being a mindful wild camping ambassador, you can safely experience Switzerland’s natural splendor while protecting it.

Planning Your Swiss Wild Camping Adventure

To start planning a rewarding wild camping trip in Switzerland:

  • Identify destinations suited to your interests, fitness and experience level.
  • Determine optimal seasons and pack accordingly. Summer offers mild weather for novices while autumn presents beautiful foliage.
  • Research if permits are required for certain regions or national parks.
  • Plan a loop route utilizing trails, public transport and mountain huts or villages for resupply points.
  • Pack as lightly as possible while still bringing essential gear.

-Get excited to slumber under the stars with magnificent mountain views!

With its continental climate, excellent infrastructure and endless wilderness, Switzerland beckons outdoor enthusiasts to discover its beauty through wild camping. Respect the environment, follow rules and embrace the liberating simplicity of this iconic Swiss pastime. Your memories resting amid the epic landscapes will last a lifetime.

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